In Indiana unless otherwise noted.

6.21.14: Solstice Art Show. [Fluorescent Gallery]
5.26.14: w/ The Cowboys, The Manateees, KP & Me, Harpooner. [The Back Door] |*John Flannelly & His Beautiful Bloomington Boys*|
4.25.14: Puppet Slam (A puppet-themed art show with car-aoke, a puppet dance party on the beach, and more. For this show, I assisted the Pumpkin King as he played his favorite piano songs on the roof.) [Fuller Projects] |*The Pumpkin King*|
4.19.14: Record Store Day w/ lots of cool bands. [Vibes] |*Raw McCartney*|
4.6.14: In Your Dreams: A Visual and Sound Art Show by Area Superstars. [The Fluorescent Gallery] |*Special Collaboration – John Collins McCormick, Duncan Kissinger, John Flannelly, Colin Jenkins, Tony Brewer*|
4.5.14: Sound as Material Showcase w/ Skything, Flesh Control, Close Your Eyes I’m Changing. [Indy Indie Artist Colony]
3.29.14: NO! Compilation Release Show w/ Drekka, NOON, Canid, Assimilation, Agakus. [The Cream]
3.19.14: w/ Dust from 1000 Yrs, Sir Deja Doog, Bad History Month, Citizen Dong Theater. [Grant St. Co-op] |*Evenings with Cappuccino*|
3.9.14: Raw McCartney’s Perfumed Wands, Watchout!, Meltface. [General Public Collective] |*Raw McCartney’s Perfumed Wands*|
3.4.14: w/ Ray Creature, Endless Positivity, Two Bands from Canada. [The Cream]
2.25.14: Debut performance of Evenings with Cappuccino for Kray’s birthday at Open Mic Night. [Rachael’s Cafe]
2.21.14: Graphic Interchange Format. An exhibit of animated GIFS by a diverse group of artists. Music from CZERN, Skin Conditions, John Flannelly. [General Public Collective]
2.14.14: Pop-Up Art Show for the Acid-Hearted. Art installation by Imber Bright. Music from John Flannelly & Early Life. Free love advice from Lori Canada. [I Fell]
2.6.14: w/ White Moms. [The Bishop] |*Power Joint*|
1.31.14: Live staged reading of William S. Burroughs’ “The Junky’s Christmas” performed by Arthur Cullipher, Ian Uriel Gurdley, Shayne Laughter, and Tony Brewer with musical accompaniment by John Flannelly (boards), Chris Rall (sax), and Kyle Quass (trumpet). [The Back Door]

12.22.13: w/ Peter & the Kings, Benny Sanders, Digital Dots, Be Here Now, Human Lights, Ryan Puett, Brandon Tinkler, Andy Rittenhouse Band. [Melody Inn] |*Synth Set from Sharlene Birdsong, Rachel Mess, Sonny Blood & John Flannelly*|
11.10.13: w/ Little Howlin’ Wolf, N Colyar P, Tyler Damon. [Root Cellar] |*Dracula Pills*|
10.19.13: w/ Mark Hosler (negativland), M.C. Schmidt (matmos), Thomas Dimuzio, Wobbly. [The Ream] |*John, Kray, Erik*|
10.15.13: w/ Hi, Sir Deja Doog, Emilie Rex. [Doog’s place]
9.21.13: w/ NOON, Dreamcraft, Spain, Celebrity Skinny, more. [Middle Earth]
9.4.13: w/ Nate Hammond, The Icks, Cat Crap Fiasco, C Tay. [Melody Inn]
5.12.13: w/ Brains & Teeth, Curved Dog, Shut Up!. [Bitchyard 2]
4.26.13: w/ DMA, Oreo Jones, Real Girls. [The Ream]
4.23.13: w/ Jason Lescalleet, Assimilation. [Rachael’s Cafe] |*Radio Astronomy*|
4.12.13: w/ Charnel House. [The Bishop] |*Dracula Pills*|
4.5.13: Marathon set for IU on Strike. [Middle Earth]
4.4.13: w/ Thollem McDonas, Bloomington’s best and brightest. [Max Swell House]
3.13.13: WFHB Local Live. [WFHB] |*Dracula Pills*|
3.9.13: w/ Meat Mist, Brains & Teeth. [The Ream] |*Dracula Pills*|
2.28.13: w/ Beverly Bounce House, Rob Funkhouser. [Root Cellar]
2.20.13: w/ Secret Lovers, White Crime, Skything. [The Ream] |*Radio Astronomy*|
2.8.13: w/ Joey Molinaro, Elder Scroll, Bloody Mess, Sir Deja Doog. [Sound Workshop] |*Dracula Pills*|
1.18.13: w/ Ginseng, Golden Donna, Vedek. [The Ream] |*Dracula Pills*|

12.6.12: w/ Rapstar, Dust from 1000 yrs, 4k v Fanny. [The Ream]
11.27.12: w/ Dry Bonnet, Brown Bottle Flu. [The Ream] |*Dracula Pills/Sir Deja Doog*|
10.28.12: w/ many. [The Speck House]
10.23.12: [The Root Cellar]
10.9.12: w/ Ringo Deathstarr. [The Bishop] |*with kray*|
9.29.12: w/ Invisible Circle, Hastas, Skything. [In Case of Emergency]
9.26.12: Black Mass XVIII w/ Joey Molinaro, Drekka, Deserter, Sitar Outreach Ministry. [Sound Workshop]
9.16.12: w/ Scammers, Idaho Joe Windslow, Canid. [The Ream]
9.15.12: w/ Scammers, I Love You, Idaho Joe Windslow, Teaadora. [La Casita, Normal]
9.13.12: w/ Quicksails, GORDON. [Dragon Lady Lounge, Chicago]
9.12.12: w/ Teenage Strange, Psychic Feel, Dave Jablonski, C Tay, Dots & Shields, Andrea Tooley. [Melody Inn]
4.28.12: w/ Hume, The Dreebs, NOON, Assimilation. [The Ream] |*Flannelly vs. Funkhouser*|
3.25.12: w/ Canid, Sir Deja Doog, Dry Socket. [Rachael’s Cafe]
1.13.12: w/ Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, VonVolsung Sisters. [The Ream]

12.15.11: w/ Quicksails, Ryley Walker. [The Ream]
12.2.11: w/ Canid, Eric Radoux. [Rachael’s Cafe]
10.26.11: w/ Drekka, NOON, Vernal Pike. [The Bishop]
8.14.11: w/ unknown. [The Switchyard]
7.19.11: w/ WUME, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Tracey Trance, Moper Buckets, Hanz Bronze. [Sound Workshop]
7.16.11: w/ The Caribbean, Levi Saladfork. [Rachael’s Cafe]
7.9.11: w/ Laughter Has Long Legs, A Radar A, Audiodics. [Max Swell House]
6.9.11: w/ Catacombz, Rob Funkhouser, Clarke after dark. [Grandma’s Psychedelic Basement]
5.29.11: w/ Les Rhinoceros, Throneface, Rob Funkhouser. [Rachael’s Cafe]
4.15.11: w/ Ersatz Modem, Adrian Fish. [Rhino’s]
3.26.11: w/ Ocean Grown, Summer People, Dan the Abandoned, His Throne. [The Schoolhouse]
3.16.11: w/ Hugs Unlimited, Canid. [Rachael’s Cafe]

8.11.10: w/ Hume, Jefferson Street Battery, Marauder Octobot. [Rachael’s Cafe] |*Terror Sweat*|
5.14.10: w/ CPU/GOD, TimeLove. [Rachael’s Cafe] |*Terror Sweat*|
4.30.10: w/ The Lickets, Pantree Owl. [Rachael’s Cafe] |*Terror Sweat*|

10.31.09: w/ Normanoak, Selfish Whales, Sticky and the Bees, Redbird, Bishop of Norwich, Nettles. [The Bishop] |*Mindfreak*|
4.25.09: w/ Spacesuit. [House] |*Mindfreak*|
4.1.09: w/ Found Objects, Officer Deaf, Adeptive Radiation. [Indiana Memorial Union] |*Mindfreak w Mr. Flannelly & Associated Esteemed Colleagues*|
Note: Many Dracula Pills shows and perhaps a few others are unlisted due to loss of memory.


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