New Cassette: Boiling Point

Boiling Point is my brand new album, available right now! It’s being released through Bloomington’s excellent Sound Workshop label. It was also recorded, mixed, and mastered (on reel-to-reel!) with their help. I think it’s my strongest material yet, and I’m stoked for you to hear it.

10 tracks, 55 minutes. Alien and familiar, varied and cohesive, heavy, soft, thoughtful, and visceral. I intended to thematically focus on food, activism, the inexplicable, and the places that these topics intersect. Lord knows if that comes through to anyone but me, but it’s all instrumental, so it can be about whatever you want it to be. I’ve found it to be great music to be active with. Cooking, driving, working, & playing chess have worked great for me… Results may vary. Let me know what works for you.

For a more literal description, it’s keyboards, pedals, computer bits, and other surprises all edited down to be structurally sound.

You can stream or purchase the album right now on Bandcamp. You can purchase a digital version of the album for $3 and a shiny gold cassette for $7. If you live in Indiana, let me know, I’d most likely be happy to hand-deliver a copy for $5. The cassette purchase includes a digital download as well. Supplies are limited! Also, if you’re picky and frugal, individual tracks from Boiling Point are available to download for 50 cents each.

Tell your friends!

Feel free me to email me about this album or any other reason!

Also, the website’s been updated, including updates to each individual page and section for other projects that includes links to more music, both live and recorded.