Other Projects

John is or was a member of:

Dracula Pills. Cool, fucked up rock band.
Live Recordings.
Evenings with Cappuccino. Pleasant jazz music.
Flannelly vs. Funkhouser. Collaborative duo with Rob Funkhouser. Thumb piano, electronics, etc.
Flannelly vs. Funkhouser, Vol. 1 CD-R. Self-released. Full collaboration. June 2011.
Flannelly vs. Funkhouser, Vol. 2 CD-R. Self-released. Split and collab. April 2012.
Mindfreak. Early project with video, drums, pedals and occasionally didgeridoo and guitar.
Live recording of first show.
Power Joint. Weirdo Bloomington supergroup.
Radio Astronomy. Collaborative duo with Colin Jenkins (Canid.) Space drone.
– Radio Astronomy CD-R. Bakeneko Recordings. April 2013.
Terror Sweat. Collaborative duo with R. Fitzpatrick. Acoustic guitar, keyboards, theremin, pedals.
Live recording of first show.


John was featured on:
Aurora Dorey Alice: “Inside Outside” Cassette. Sygil Records. 2013. [Excerpt]
Doog: “Water Brothers Trust” Cassette. Bakeneko Recordings. 2013. [Full Stream]
These Are Our Songs DVD. Hairy Spider Legs. [Trailer] 2012.


If you would like any more information about these projects or would like help tracking down physical copies of anything, please contact John.


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