Music For Excitable Hikers & NO! Compilation Now Available

New album! New compilation! Summer tour!

music for excitable hikers

I’ve got a new album called Music For Excitable Hikers. I put it up exclusively on Musical Family Tree, an online archive and blog focusing on Indiana music past and present, on an especially dreary winter day this January. And it’s free. You can download it right now and listen to it as much you want! Please do! I’m really happy with how this album turned out. I could describe it, but the current director of MFT, Jon Rogers, wrote a review of the album, and explained the album better than I could ever put it in words. Here’s an excerpt:

The entirety of Music For Excitable Hikers is carried by a breathless and hallucinatory admiration of nature’s seemingly random rhythms and patterns. As a whole, it works as a meditation on the unpredictable world around us, begging the listener to sit back and enjoy the ride, even as the sounds fly by at hundreds of miles per hour. Indeed, Music For Excitable Hikers stands out in Flannelly’s catalog for its whimsical, upbeat feel, but it does tend to get the most interesting on tracks that vary the pattern a bit, like the chilly, ambient “Stars” or the toned-down brilliance of “Wind Chill.”

You can read the whole review here. In addition to this new album, there’s also a full live recording from March that is only available on Musical Family Tree. Make sure to keep an eye on my MFT page (there’s also a link up there in the upper right corner), because I am just as likely to update it with new music as my bandcamp page right now.


In other news, I contributed a track called “UFO Tofu” to the NO! Compilation, a new cassette featuring the fried, weirdo underbelly of Bloomington, Indiana and its surrounding areas. It’s full of friends and collaborators: Drekka, NOON, Canid, Assimilation & Agakus are also on the compilation. It’s available to stream in full on the NO! bandcamp page, and I believe that a handful of physical copies are still available. It’s been getting some press too… Here’s some words from Tiny Mix Tapes, Cassette Gods, and Musical Family Tree.

I’ve been playing a lot of awesome events already this year that have been so unique and varied that they’re hard to sum up succinctly. But I tried my best in the shows section. The rest of the website is updated too. Don’t miss the new videos if you’re into that sort of thing. Also, I’ll be going on tour with Shame Thugs (a new project from Miss Mess & DJ Little Town) after the Summer Solstice this year. We’ll be hitting up spots in the midwest and east coast for 2 weeks. I’ve never toured outside of the midwest before so I’m really excited for it! I’m working on a tour-only album tentatively titled Chillin’ on Earth, and Shame Thugs is one of my favorite bands right now. It’s gonna be awesome. More details on that as it develops. If you happen to read this and want to help us set something up, get in touch! You can contact me by email at

Exciting times! I’ll be working on another solo album right after tour, and a couple of really rad collaborative efforts are in the works. Take care!